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“Forget about style; worry about results.”

Bobby Orr



“ One month ago today, my life was changed... I never imagined how one car accident could change my life... I am very grateful to have you on my side looking out for me and my family. Thank you. ” Genco Law Firm client, 2013

“ When I had legal issues, the best thing I did was call you, Ray. You made me feel that my case was the most important case you ever worked on, even though I know it wasn’t. Thank you for treating me like a friend. I couldn’t be happier with the result. Now I know a great lawyer. ” Genco Law Firm client, 2013

“ Ray, thank you for all your hard work and attention to detail. You made us feel comfortable every step of the way. Instead of just clients, you treated us like family. Genco Law Firm client, 2013


"I love my clients. I have the greatest clients in the world.

Some things relating to the law may be complicated or confusing, but there is nothing complicated about my belief that hard work simply works.”

Difference Making Experience: Attorney Genco’s career has included not only representing injured plaintiffs and their families through all phases of litigation, including jury trials, arbitrations, mediations and Industrial Accident Board Hearings, but he has also spent a significant amount of time working and training at a mid-sized insurance defense law firm. There he defended insurance companies and manufacturers from personal injury and wrongful death claims. (new paragraph) Not every personal injury attorney has this broad perspective of both sides of the litigation. Attorney Genco unique experience gives today’s clients an edge.



New York


The George Washington University

Wake Forest School of Law



Genco Law Firm welcomes referrals from attorneys nationwide. We are proud of the growing network of top attorneys who trust us with their personal injury matters.

If you have the opportunity to handle a personal injury or consumer protection matter that may be outside of your practice area, or if your workflow won’t allow you to take it on, please give us a call. We would love to get involved and help deliver excellent service to your client.

The key to our growth and success is our true belief that if we do great work for great people, growth just happens. Former clients are our biggest cheerleaders and our referring attorneys are family.

All referral fees are promptly paid
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La Firma de Abogados de Genco representa aquellos que han sido heridos.
Nuestras áreas de práctica incluyen:
Accidentes de Carro
Construcción y Accidentes de Andamios
Lesiones Causadas por Productos Defectuosos
Mordeduras de Perro
Negligencia Médica
Divulgación Indebida de Información Personal
Resbalones y Caídas O Lesiones por Rebalones y Caídas
Accidentes de Camiones y Motocicleta
Incendios y Quemaduras
Muerte Injusta OR Homicidio Culposo

El Abogado Ray Genco tiene años de experiencia en manejo de casos complejos que involucran accidentes, lesiones, productos defectuosos e incendios. Genco ofrece un alto nivel de seriedad, compasión y lucha para cada uno de sus caso. Póngase en contacto con La Firma de Abogados de Genco si usted o un ser querido ha sido lesionado. Genco se enorgullece de los asentamientos y las victorias que ha logrado con clientes lesionados. Llame para hablar con él, sin costo alguno. La Firma de Abogados de Genco también puede ayudar aquellos que no pueden solicitar trabajo y obtener importantes beneficios de Seguro Social – los cuales les toca por derecho. Si ha sido o va a ser incapazitado para trabajar durante 12 meses, llámenos. Podemos darle una evaluación gratuita. Usted puede tener derecho a beneficios del gobierno. Llámenos en cualquier momento para hablar con un abogado y no hay ninguna tasa a menos que recuperemos dinero para usted. Nuestro número telefónico es1.877.824.2521es1.877.824.2521

Nuestro personal profesional habla Español y nos encantaría ayudarle.


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Qualified candidates should inquire at career@gencolaw.com
We love talent that works hard.

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11 Elkins Street Suite 420
Boston, MA 02127
United States




Qualified candidates should inquire at career@gencolaw.com
We love talent that works hard.


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Personal Injury

Attorney Ray Genco has built a strong reputation by representing individuals who have been severely injured at the hands of others. Birth defects, medical negligence, automobile collisions, slip and falls and product defects all fall under the category of personal injury law. It is a broad area of the law and sometimes it is not clear if you have a case or not. We will always make the time to have a discussion with you about any issue or potential case you may have- at no cost.


Fatal Car Accident

A car accident happens in an instant, but can change lives forever. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 7,200 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2013 - and that number is expected to rise in 2014. We take pride in the hard work we perform to assist to grieving families. 1.877.824.25211.877.824.2521

Motorcycle Injuries

We know and understand the serious injuries that can result when drivers refuse to share the road with motorcycles. We are advocates for protecting the rights of riders.

Wrongful Death

Though it is difficult during a time of grieving, a family that has experienced the untimely death of a loved one should contact an attorney. Attorney Ray Genco handles wrongful death cases for families with care, persistence and success. Even if you just have questions about a potential case or the process, we will gladly speak to you at no cost because we know this is too important a matter not to pursue. 1.877.824.25211.877.824.2521

Employment Litigation

Attorney Ray Genco represents clients in employment matters related to wrongful termination, discrimination, hostile work environment, bullying and other conditions that no employee should accept. These forms of harassment and discrimination are not always overt,but can instead be subtle yet persistent. Even so called “at-will” employees are protected from discrimination and harassment. 1.877.824.25211.877.824.2521

Catastrophic Fires • Gas Explosions • Burns

The losses and injuries caused by fires, explosions and electrical exposures are sometimes devastating. Attorney Ray Genco works closely with independent fire investigators and expert witnesses to build a scientific case against the responsible parties. We are passionate about serving burn victims and their families. 1.877.824.25211.877.824.2521

Non-Profit Consulting

It is important to us to dedicate a significant amount of our time counseling community-based organizations in areas of formation, corporate structure, best practices, insurance coverage, board development. We also make sure that the work that they do has the largest impact on the communities they serve.

We understand what makes non-profits different. That allows us to not only offer responsive and tailored legal counsel, but also guidance through programming and fundraising strategies.

Consumer Protection

In today’s complex economy, consumers are too often victims of unfair or deceptive business practices. Corporations sometimes increase their bottom lines by taking advantage of customers in unlawful ways. Attorney Ray Genco uses the strict consumer protection laws to defend his clients who have been treated unfairly. Don’t just drop it and don’t fight alone. When customers who have been treated unfairly accepted it, the companies become encouraged and the deceptive practices continue.


Not all cases go to trial. Actually, the majority of cases settle before trial.
It is important in any personal injury matter to be represented by an attorney who not only has deep settlement and negotiation experience, but also the reputation of an attorney who is willing and able to win a trial. The credible threat that your attorney is willing and able to take a case all the way through trial is considered by insurance companies when contemplating whether or not to offer a settlement.

Medical Malpractice

In every profession, mistakes are sometimes made, but when a doctor, nurse, or hospital staff member makes unnecessary mistakes, the consequences can be grave. We have the trial experience needed to fight on behalf of those who have been injured or worse as a result of a medical mistake. Unnecessary surgery, the failure of a doctor to diagnose cancer or another serious condition are all forms of medical malpractice. Attorney Ray Genco not only has the trial experience needed to handle complex medical cases, but he also works closely with doctors and specialists to put his clients in the best position for a recovery. 1.877.824.25211.877.824.2521

Brain Injury • Concussion

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can impact a victim’s life in a wide variety of ways. TBI can cause detrimental changes in a person’s mental and physical health.

These injuries are not always immediately diagnosed, and these symptoms do not always present themselves immediately. Head injuries impact different people in vastly different ways. Attorney Ray Genco has the experience and sophistication to properly represent victims suffering traumatic brain injuries. 1.877.824.25211.877.824.2521

Social Security • Disability

If you have been, or will be out of work for 12 months or longer, you may qualify for social security disability benefits. While there is not a provision for “partial disability” if you meet the 12 month requirement, you may qualify for a monthly deposit directly into your bank account that may continue for the rest of your life. You also could qualify for a lump sum of money for back due benefits or other potential benefits. You don't pay us a cent unless we win for you, so call and we can talk about the potential of claiming these important benefits. 1.877.824.25211.877.824.2521

Joint Venture • Local Counsel Work

The Genco Law Firm is uniquely positioned to quickly and effectively partner with outside law firms when required. If your firm is handling a unique matter that requires a specific investigation, strategy or court appearance, please contact us to discuss how we could potentially work together to deliver the very best result for your client. Attorney Ray Genco has been engaged by law firms to consult on negotiation and settlement strategies, case valuation, and to act as co-counsel during all phases of injury cases. If there is a need that we can fill, please alert us.